Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pop goes the back...

Today we had a visit with the chiropractor! Yay! Joels shoulders looked better instantly! Woohoo! We plan on visiting often to help Joel! Along with pt stretches and some ot I look forward to getting Joel back in laundry folding/dish washing/ lawn mowing shape... Umm I mean fighting shape.

It's been almost a Month since Joel's surgery. We are thankful for the healing.. And expect this work to be finished.

We are doing well.. Emotionally this has been an exhausting road. We have had so many ups and downs I know this is part of our exhaustion. We laugh a lot and fight a little.. Ha! We have been together nearly constantly but we wouldn't change that a bit! We treasure the moments for we know this is a gift... The stressors in our life are few but ones that remain we do our best to avoid. Yep, great coping I know... You try and deal with this.

Princess is doing well.. But is not interested in listening to Ducky or letting him help. She wants mama.. This is hard for him. Exhausting me.

I have to be honest I miss my me time. I worked full time and Once a week when she was at preschool.. I had four hours alone. Heaven...I could clean shop or even one time I watched tv... Ok maybe twice Ha Seriously don't read into it other than I really liked some of our old routines! I like the new ones.. I am just learning how to squeeze me back into it !

We do want our life back. I want to pack Joel a lunch and let him drive to work. I miss washing work pants that may have poison oak... I miss knowing what day of the week it is from work not dr appointments... Yep I miss it.

Its the ordinary things that are now extraordinary moments to work towards. Thankful these seem to be reachable goals. I do mourn portions of what was.. Our lives will never be the same. We will be forever changed. This is hard.... This is sweet.. For I know the best days are yet to come.

We continue to dream. We plan... We pray and yep occasionally we cry... Usually that is me... Joel sometimes responds slowly emotionally.. I know this is tumor related... That is hard too.. But we don't live in fear. We love deeply, for only God knows what anybody's tomorrow brings...

We are thankful daily; For generous friends... For kind workplaces... For my selfless parents and brothers whom have been my right hand and sounding board for hard choices... For our beautiful miracle daughter who brings us remarkable joy...For our chance to fight this darn cancer... And for all who have prayed.

Please continue to pray as this battle is far from over.... We plan to fight till we are old and gray... And we blondes are old when we gray! Ha

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