Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mothers day!!

Today started with a breakfast in bed! Yup for me!! Joel brought waffles he made... Upstairs!! So proud! Each holiday and special moment are just that much more amazing. In January I had no idea if we would have these moments... I felt like every normal joy was potentially gone..

But it's not. These moments are just deeper and richer than I imagined!

Waffles snuggles and presents!! Joel snuck away with my bro yesterday and got me a few treats! He knows me well!! I love him and my daughter so much! He is doing so well...

The rest of the day was spent with my family! My mom.. I can't say enough.. She is amazing. I don't know how I could walk this journey with out her! Happy mothers day mama!

This week will be busy again! Joel has appointments, I need to make others, pay bills, organize, garden, clean and get things better organized as I am only two weeks out from returning to work...

So be Praying.. Against pain for Joel... His shoulders are sore, this effects him on so many levels... The therapy helps but is challenging when you are painful.. Also pray for me as allergies/ asthma are not doing me any favors!

Princess is doing well! She is so smart and such a joy! Always laughing and making me smile. She is such a miracle and gift. To be called mama from such an amazing daughter makes this day amazing! She is a dream come true! I truly tear up with thanksgiving over the miracle of her. God blessed us richly. After a season of infertility, tears, bed rest, stress and grace all add up to the power of God entrusting us with a miracle that calls me mom.

This day is special. This day was once a dream. God is faithful. He was then and he is today.... I know he won't let us go...

A few pictures from today.. Pardon my messy bed hair.. Ha! I love the picture of my mom with my girl! It's very sweet! She adores mum mum!

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MumMum said...

Ah, so sweet! And I love our snuggles! Thank you sweet daughter, I love you too!!! I'm proud to have YOU call me 'mom'!