Saturday, May 12, 2012

Things learned and continue to learn..

This journey has been anything but easy. I am learning that even on my worst days, I have no choice but to give it my best. Yes, parenting and wifeyness in this can be exhausting and rewarding... But isn't anything worth fighting for?

I remember several things.. In order to fully love my neighbor.. My husband and daughter included.. I must love myself. Happy days and sads day I go forward in peace knowing that I may not always have some one physically fighting along side me... I am never alone. My God continues to go before be, behind me and with me... Whether I am navigating a stubborn someone or parenting in a different season. Nope not alone.... Plus I am getting back more my hubby at times. Very thankful.

Do continue to pray for Joel as today he became quite painful.. He does not always recognize pain until he is really painful. It's hard to see as I am not a mind reader... I am leaning in this though. Also be praying for me.. As pollen and asthma seem to hate me... And pray for another family member who is at the core of my support, now fighting an infection...

Here are a few quotes that I truly adore... Plus they are pretty thanks pintrest!

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