Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back at work

This was my first weekend back working! We survived! I think I remember my job... And did not seem to screw up too badly. At least no one told me that I did. I am tired though. It was a long 12 hour day!

We are snuggling tonight... My little girl is in good spirits! We are thankful for living so close to my parents and being in town. It's eased several burdens.

My coworkers are so fun! They help time pass, and something I have to do feels like something I kinda want to do.. They are positive and caring. Its nice to be home.

Will post more later but tonight I sleep. Here is a picture of our bed... Note our headboard... We started this project the day before Joel went into the hospital.. It's sat in our spare room for five months. We finished it Friday. I felt like ok. It's finished... This is a new season let's get strong and carry on.

Much love and thanks for the prayers and love. This weekend was hard, but hey I have endured worse... Ha

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