Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yesterday I did forget to post a few pictures! We were tired of being at home and decided it was time to get out! Bowling, and sweet life followed! It was the first time we have bowled with a kid it was fun!

Also here is a picture of daddy dancing with his little princess the other night!

Other news, my dad is home and healing slowly! I forgot to post this on the blog before... Continue Praying for him!

Today we finished a project we started January 22 the day before our life changed.. Will post photos of that later!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for cropping out my butt crack on the last pic but that first pic makes me well up with tears hoping she wil give me the same look on her wedding day during father daughter dance. 30 or more years away from now right. But bowling was fun a few times after getting strike I hear Jill wisper not bad for a guy that just had brain surgery... thank God for bumpers!