Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work, school and summer winding down...

Busy. No other words describe us. Preschool is in full swing, as are all the viruses that follow... Thankful we aren't doing chemo right now. She loves preschool and it's given a little more time for appointments, phone calls and errands.

We are continuing the paper trail, to get Joel back to work. This is important for his recovery and insurance benefits. He is doing well otherwise. His has pain in his shoulder at times, occasional headaches, and is making more progress daily. Nutrition modifications and supplements seem to help as well.

Myself? Busy too. Work has been busy and left me worn out at times. I seem to grind my teeth and keep breaking fillings/teeth. Oh stress. Ha, ironically we have less stress but at times I feel it more. Canning was my activity today, jam made and freezer full of goodness for the winter. Salsa, peaches and applesauce in the next weeks!

Joel, is going to go rafting this weekend with other young cancer survivors. First decent is the group, its a national organization providing adventures for cancer patients! Joel is stoked! Praying friendships are forged from this.

Continue to pray for his return to work this is important to him. And a step toward a new normal.

Thank you for continuing to pray, love and support us. I am thankful for continued compassion. It continues to ease this journey a bit.

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Jenay said...

Continued prayers cousins!!! We can't wait to see you this weekend.