Thursday, August 23, 2012

Soaking up summer!

We are busy as usual.. Lake days, fair fun, organizing for fall, work and enjoying garden goodness.

Morning have been crisper and its crazy to think about what our last eight months have been.

We are hitting a bit of a calm and true chance to achieve normalcy... It's weird. A bit hard to adjust.

Joel is eager to return to work, but it's taking longer than we would like. Please pray over this.

He also has the opportunity to join with other cancer survivors-- Next month for an adventure! Pray it works out! Connection with other cancer survivors would be good for his soul. Plus it would be our first night apart- except when he was in the icu in Cali- I hardly call three hours apart..... Ha!

Continued generosity and compassion overwhelms us. People are remarkable!
Work families of ours and my parents- amazing we feel the love for sure!

Thank you for continuing to follow our journey and pray with us. Best is yet to come!

Here are a few pictures!

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