Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Difficult to digest

We are back home from the hospital... I am feeling ok but am extremely weak. My energy level is low. I ache. Asthma stinks.

Joel had a 1st day back at work... He loves his job and is so thankful that he can work, yet it's hard to walk into an unfamiliar yet familiar place! It's gonna take time but I know he can do it.

Today he had a nerve study done on his neck. They feel like there is damage to nerves and its effecting his shoulder.. An MRI will be done and more pt.

On a more difficult note, my sister in law, Hayley was diagnosed with breast cancer this evening.

Cancer. I hate cancer. Our hearts are broken tonight. I know oh to well the pain my brother is feeling. His beautiful other half is now facing something so far beyond our grasp. But God is greater. His love endures and with Him all things are possible.

What the next few months bring? No clue. A cure for cancer would rock. What are the chances that both my brother and I would have young spouses diagnosed with cancer in the same year? .. I can imagine quite slim, but it still happened....

My gut wrenches out of deep agony for the pain inside my brother. It's as though a knife had plunged deep into your heart. I vomited for the whole night after we were told. My mom had to help me get dressed... My heart is broken. I never want anyone to feel that pain. Pray for Aaron and Hayley. Pray over my beautiful nephews.

Here is her blog http://lifesprom.blogspot.com


marlece said...

praying my heart hurts, praying! Jill, put her blog on here. I can't seem to get to it?

Journeying Through The Unknown said...

I added it marlece! Love ya!