Monday, September 17, 2012

Fun weekend

We had a fun weekend!

Joel joined up with a group called first descents. Other young cancer survivors and rocks (the supporters) go on adventures!

Mckenzie river rafting!

Me? Princess and I had fun seeing family in central Oregon! Horses, cousins, and a spoiling auntie!! We loved it! Looking forward to next time already.

Continue to pray for Joel's work return. We are getting close!

Pray we can maintain his health coverage... As mine doesn't compare.

Also continue to pray for our return to the new normal. We are getting close but we ache for this.

We remain thankful and encouraged. Some days are harder, but it's just day by day. I read less about cancer. Pretty much concluded it bites, but we fight.

To our friends and family that have been patient and compassionate in this journey with us... Thank you. We are learning, but have no regrets in this. Other than the whole stupid cancer thing....

Enjoy our weekend fun photos!


Jenay said...

Love you Jill and loved our time together. Reece and Evey and 2 peas in a pod.

Hayley said...

So great, sis!
Glad you got some nice time with family... family is always good for the soul, as we all know. :)
Gray and Linc are a bit jealous of the 'horsies' and the riding-part.....may be time for us to pay a visit for some of that, too.. boys can NEVER get enough horse-riding, I swear!
Love you three, looks like the Mr. had a good time with an incredible program, too~
<3 The 4 Z's