Sunday, September 23, 2012

Familiar view

I mentioned in our previous blog, that I wasn't feeling well. And due to me being stubborn I was determined to not end up at my hospital. Yup I lost. Yesterday I got sicker. Earned a few days of rest, steriods, ivs and uncomfortable beds. I have to be honest, I fought admit, due to the finances... And stress.

Bright side Monday Joel goes back to work! I am so excited for him, and proud of him!

It will be 3 days a week starting at four hours and gradually increasing, eventually to full time! We are thrilled! And thankful!

Despite being in an uncomfortable bed... I am thankful this morning. Thankful my husband can sleep in the room with me, thankful for my amazing rt friends who care deeply. Thankful I can catch a breath for a few minutes anyways.

Pray for Joel as this role reversal is hard. Pray for our daughter as she needs peace. Pray for sleep and recovery for me. I am looking better but still sick.

Sick of hospitals. Asthma sucks. Cancer stinks. Praying specifically over a dear sister today that we aren't going to have more hospital time in days ahead. Complete healing and negative biopsies from here on out.....

So it's been a stressful year but we continue onward trusting the best is ahead.

Sunrise from my room this morning, beautiful river view... Too bad I never slept to wake up to it! Ha!

Sorry it's random I am puffy and a bit wired this morning!

Thank you for loving and praying!

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