Thursday, June 7, 2012


Joel's MRI went smoothly. We will know details in the next week. Our oncologist here will review it but as our neuro oncologist at Ucsf will review this as well. This costs money as they can't bill insurance for visits where we aren't physically present. Oh well, we want the best! Accurate readings may give us years! No price on that!

But I don't like to wait. Guess that no one asked me. Ha! We will know soon enough.7

We are learning our roles again. This is not an overnight process whether or not I want it to be. I am still a caregiver, Joel still acts like a patient at times and princess is used to just mommy parenting. This will take time. It's not uncommon to be dealing with this, as many young couples with cancer face this. Joel joined a tele support group with other brain cancer patients, it's good, but hard for some are much more advanced. I will be joining a caregiver group of cancer patients with the same organization. Our social worker through cancer care is working to help us with this. We are thankful for this resource. Counseling is in the future, as the trauma our life has endured is large. As well as our desire to help Joel relearn himself and emotions. All in time. But these steps will help us evolve to a new healthy normal.

Otherwise we are doing ok. Joel is continuing to learn his brain and physically has lots of good days. I have been sick and am on antibiotics, yep but I still get to be mom and wife. Princess is busy and allergies are bugging her!

We are so thankful for our time together and are excited for summer to show up!! So is the garden.


Shauna said...

((hug)) love you and praying for really good news!!

Journeying Through The Unknown said...

Love you sha! Continuing to pray over your kiddo ! Once these bills are current I wanna get my booty down there!