Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sunshine! And randomness...

Enjoyed a few hours of sun today! It was nice to just blow bubbles and eat fresh strawberries! We had a few in our garden!

Boo!!! on the rain forecast ahead!

But really I am thankful daily at surviving the journey of our last few months. I have no other rational explanation, other than we were carried and continued to be carried.

Joel is improving daily. Today shoulder and head pain interfered... Making him a bit umm sour. But he sweetens up quick. He is meeting with a group of brain cancer patients in all stages. It's humbling and encouraging for him. He is thankful for the kind of cancer he has.

Princess is excited for school tomorrow as mommy made flowers from fruit and a sticky mess to celebrate her birthday! Oh, I have to share, every jet smoke in a blue sky has been dubbed a shooting star!! I love her!! We make lots of wishes!

Me? Well, I am tired. My body is paying me back for the internal stress from the past months. Awesome! Just in time for full time back to work! Yay! Thankful for my job.. Coworkers and moments of normalcy.


Warning rant of frustration coming.....,

Not so thankful for bills.. Have you read medical bills? " we have no choice but to demand payment in full at this time!". Jerks!! Sure insurance paid you 1000s, I have paid hundreds... I owe very little! I have even called to make arrangements! What are you going to do repo surgery? Creditors don't scare me! I have a foreclosure! You will get it as soon as I do! Bleh! At least insurance is behaving partially right now!!

------rant concluded-------

Been considering a blog post about surgery and traveling to it... Tips advice ect... But feel a bit too lazy tonight.. I hope our blog can help others, at least not feel so alone. Cancer stinks at every age!

Side note from the kitchen, which rambles into other thoughts:

I did make muffins today, very little sugar and mostly fruit. Which is the direction that is cancer friendly.. Been reading a lot about diet and nutrition. Organic vs non. Ect.... We are slowly shifting for healthy changes. I love sweets, and someone else just loves food... Ha!

Be praying for wisdom as we consider nutritionists along side complementary medicine to keep us healthy!

A few pictures of our own berries, and me loving the sunshine! Yes it's a pink paper clip holding my glasses together! I lost a screw!! As well as her school birthday treats I slaved over- really it wasn't easy! And our shooting star! Make a wish!

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