Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Words can not express how thankful we are. The last months have been purely crazy. Stressful, scary and surprising are also descriptors... But mostly an overwhelming sense of feeling thankful comes to my mind.

When that early morning phone call rocked my world, I never would have guessed what lay before. Nor, would I have guessed how God, through friends and family would have provided.

From the first moments, I was surrounded by love from coworkers who are dear friends. I had family near my side every time I asked. No matter the time or problem. Thank you especially to Mom, Dad, Mark, Erin, Aaron, Hay and Mendy. Knowing you, my family were always on the other end of the phone has eased this journey.

To the countless friends who have fed us, worked on our yard, watched our princess, provided financially, prayed for us and encouraged us. Thank you. I am truly humbled. I never would have imagined my life was so surrounded by this. We are so unworthy, but truly thankful. Never once did I worry about money... Ok maybe once but I learned to not.

Do medical bills remain? Yep they will keep coming. But we are remaining thankful, I have a job that has worked with me beautifully. And Joel does too. Not to mention we have decent health insurance.

I am thankful two years ago at my heaviest weight, I made the choice to be healthy.. And now I feel closer to this goal. This has made it easier to do all I needed to do with more energy-- 100lbs sure makes a difference!!!

Thankful for our miracle daughter that some doctors said would never be. Her joy and hilarious sense of humor is motivation to live.

I am thankful that a year ago we lost our house to mold and extensive water damage. For this home we live in is perfect for us. Little did I know how much we would need to live in town closer to my parents. What seemed so horrific then, now feels simple.

Thankful. Thankful my husbands first seizure was in my hospital er. With compassion that richly abounded. Complete with a quick thinking doc, I have yet to thank who promptly did a scan. His actions may have helped save him. Thankful to medics who went with their gut and brought Joel to the er.

Thankful my husband is alive. Thankful we still get to be next to each other. Thankful he can smile. Thankful he can talk... Even if he talks too much! Ha! Thankful he can walk.. And umm do all his own umm personal tasks. Thankful. Would I love him, even if he couldn't do those things? Of course... But it's sure great he can. Thankful. Even if he has changed. I know I have.

Thankful my daughter still has her Ducky. Even if being daddy is hard for him still. Thankful she gets to tell him 'happy fathers day!' or "Ducky I love you". Thankful that even though it feels like it at times, I am not a single mom... I just say I have two kids.. Three if you count the dog!

Thankful. For provision, life, joy, laughter, generosity, compassion and peace to say the least.

Joel says he is thankful for this tumor as its taught him how truly important Evey and I are to him.

Tomorrow is Joel's MRI. I choose to walk in thankfulness... That we have a chance. And great medical care.

Thankful, for all that God has done and will continue to do. I continue to pray for complete healing daily. But remain thankful for all we have been given .

Be in prayer that we get a clear picture tomorrow. At 1230-- And that there will be no growth! Pray for healing to continue!

Thank you for supporting and continuing to follow this journey.

Please, be thankful today. No matter what the circumstance. Do not choose fear, for this will destroy.

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Shauna said...

Praying Jill! Thankful you to choose to see beauty that God has given - it is a choice. Thankful for you and we will be praying!