Saturday, June 30, 2012

A bit quiet... Yet busy!

Been a bit quiet. Part due to trying to focus on daily life, other in part to nothing really new. Princess had the best birthday ever. We are astonished and humbled at the generosity of friends over the last six months! I have written over one hundred thank you notes! Hopefully I didn't miss one!

Normal is yet to be defined as we get Joel back to work. It is all day by day.

I go back full time this week. I am excited because well its me time- at least a bit closer ! Ha, I never go a minute with out thinking about my amazing husband, but at work it feels normal. Each challenging patient finds me thankful for Joel's health, and in hard moments amazing coworkers surrounding me.

Learning this new normal will take time. Each piece has changed in this puzzle and at times I am perplexed with how this will fit together.

I have an image of Joel's scan, but am not really ready to share it. I figure the hesitance is something I am trying to comprehend, or process as the last months seem a bit like a weird dream. It's hard to see how black and white this tumor is yet how complex it's made our life. Some how posting this image makes it real or permeant. Funny me I know. But, I know Joel sees it as a testament of God's grace and power. Its quite impressive, I also have to agree!

Soon I will share it, but until then here are a few pictures from the week. Gardening, berry picking, jam making and fun.

We continue to be blessed and are thankful for each of you.

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