Thursday, March 8, 2012

A quick shot of normal

Today is the last day before I go back to work... I will work weekends until we leave for surgery so I may extend my leave out long enough to get Joel well, on his way back to recovery.

Pray for us in this. I work in the same hospital where Joel was treated initially... Who knows there may be a few emotions with this. Mostly thankful as the care we had was truly outstanding! Also I may have jammed my toe this evening and it's puffy and sore!!

Pray for Joel as- he will have others helping him. Pray he is learning coping skills and has a restful few days.

Pray for Princess- she is a Mama's girl to the max these days. She understands that she is going to be away from us for awhile when we stay in California and she returns to Oregon. She has been doing well but tonight is a bit amped up.

Today we had fun! E took pictures of our family yesterday and I am thrilled to post them hopefully Monday!!!

We continue to be thankful beyond words. Trips to the post office have yielded thoughtful and generous gifts . Often bringing us to tears. The blessings keep coming. Every card filled with deep love carries us farther each day. Thank you.

Here is princess driving her cool car! This one is for you Carr! She loves her mustang too!

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