Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Countdown grows shorter

We have been trying to have a good attitude with the whole Cali trip thing... Princess will be with for one week and fly home with my parents while Joel is still in the hospital. This is really most ideal for her. I am so thankful my parents will be with for surgery. As I will also need them. .. Not really a fan of waiting. This part is my least favorite. But we will have fun the days before!

I am frantically attempting to pack, organize, and pay bills for our three week absence from regular life.. I am making progress at a steady rate.

This morning we went and visited a friend who has baby chicks! Princess loved them.. But she was also in love with the beautiful miracle baby that these friends have.

Pray I get everything done that has to be.. Continue to pray for health and peace. Joel and I have shed occasional tears but continue to have peace. Our God is bigger than cancer. So we remain confident. Keep praying. Thanks for the love and thoughts and prayers you encourage us!

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Alice Viles said...

Love you and don't forget to use me! I love you guys and am fully prepared to go on food runs, trips to the park with Evie, or simply hold your hand. God has placed me near you guys during this trip for a reason, so don't hesitate to use his plan! You guys are beyond amazing!