Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another day

We are continuing to be thankful daily for generous friends, co workers, orthodontists, and family... It eases my burden greatly... To pay all the bills and have my amount nearly perfectly match what's due... Well it could only be God.

My quiet is easily translated at busy. We are home, there is unpacking sorting cleaning and shifting happening... I am preparing for round two while still fighting round one at times.

Joel is doing better everyday. Rest and consistency are crucial for him. His patience and ability to cope is improving. His mind is sharp and fast... Which at five am......

Princess is doing better. Time home is good... But she does miss papa...

Me? I have good days and bad ones too... My heart is at times heavy with stress though I know God provides... The what ifs are often not my friend... And frankly sleep can feel restless. I am returning to work for the next three weeks so I can extend my FMLA leave until after his surgery and he is safe again. Seizure risk returns post op for awhile.

But I rejoice in God. Even through tears, I am thankful we can fight this cancer. I am thankful that my husband has had a change in his heart that only God can bring. I am thankful we can bank sperm for future, if indeed we need to start chemo and radiation. No one human knows the days ahead- but we plan. We plan for an abundant life. We dream and trust.

So please pray. Pray for peace in days ahead. Pray for continued provision as we plan San Francisco. Pray for protection over us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Thank you for your love, support and prayers. You have lightened our load in this.

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