Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brain Mapping thoughts~

I have to be honest. The mere thought that my husband is going to be under the knife with the best, is a bit exciting. It is more than I could have prayed for given the circumstances. And to really be honest.The medical side of me wishes I could watch. Yes, yes I know. But honestly my health care friends.. I know I am not the only one whom in which would ever consider even saying something of that magnitude out loud.  Besides haven't we all wondered if our husband has a brain? I am just saying...

Joel is also excited, but he has been talking about a scene from Hannibal. OY!! YUCK! But in all reality we are both relieved that there are so many good things happening around this inconvenience. 
So be offended now. I have not been drinking, I am always this honest, (its hard for some to accept)  but am I rather excited. I feel like we are just days away from a big football game... ha! 
I know our God is good, and I am ready to be on the other side of this operation. But I am very very thankful for the way this  has all fallen into our laps. 
Shoot me your questions if you have more?! I will be rather bored in the days ahead... 
So do know our spirits are strong, and our humor is quick- Please continue to follow and pray and support our journey ahead!

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