Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our trip thus far!

We are having a great trip so far! Despite a rough start to the morning with a sick princess, she rallied around but has a fever tonight... I do too. Pray Joel stays well.

I am far to tired to post much but will share some pictures of our fun adventure!

The California academy of science was great! The aquariums were amazing!!

The place we are staying is comfortable with an amazing view!!

Pray sleep is just what the dr ordered and that Joel stays well!!

The bright orange fish is funny cause Joel caught this fish and had to toss it back when he went deep see fishing with his dad...

The cars on steep hills crack Evey up!!

Nice weather at times! It's made walking in some rain not too bad!!

Our view... Beautiful at night too!!

Random aquarium photos! Really worth the money we only really made it thru that much.., but there was a lot more to see!!

Princess loved flying! The Public transportation ride was fun! But exhausting!!

Will post more later. We are excited that we are so close to the hospital!!

Keep praying!!


Alice Viles said...

Love you guys! We are making our way down tomorrow, so see you soon! Praying for your rest.

Sherrie said...

Evey's intense study of the airplane safty procedures cracked me up. No doubt she was prepared for all situations. (<:

Jenay said...

I'm so glad you are there safe and sound and enjoying some sweet family time. Praying for you!!!

Auntie Peggy said...

So happy that you are having such a good time and getting to enjoy some special time together! Evey looks so excited and happy... so wonderful to see her joy! We'll be praying and send you our love!