Thursday, March 1, 2012

April 4

Well the date is set... Tickets are purchased... No other details yet- except we are thankful for willing compassionate people who are trying to help us. I am in short a small town girl... I love my hospital.. We are going to a city... It is far from my home.. Stress aside I am choosing to have faith in God's continued provision.

Pray for this too... Pray I find a pot of gold... Ha but really God provides so we are hopeful.... Lodging is a challenge in the area but we know this will work out... Pray with us

Pray for us as a family. This will be the longest time princess will be away from us... I suspect it will be hardest on me.

Thank you for continued love and support.


Joel 2.0 said...

Please pray that when we do the MRI before the surgery, nothing will be found because God has already healed my head, and has already taken the tumor out. I am so sure of it I want to get a MRI tomorrow so that we see what God has done. But we are going down to San Fran. So I'm going to going to continue praising Him for the rest of my life and share how he has changed my heart! And that is more exciting then my head. God has made me new and no matter what that MRI says I am a healed man that has been forgiven and saved.

Carol said...

Glad to hear you found a place to stay. Hope it's easy on your pocketbook. Don't worry, the LORD is with you. Keep loking forward. Bill and Carol