Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quick post!

I survived my first days back at work. Fortunately they were quite steady... Maybe a bit too steady but, it was fun to be back and working all over the hospital. It's exhausting... If you have never worked 13 hours, yet alone providing at times critical care then you have no clue! Hehe that aside I love my coworkers and patients. It was nice to be normal. Tired... Darn daylight savings time... But really quite normal.

Joel and princess survived. It was hard on him and I to be apart.. Very hard on princess too! Joel and I have developed a bit of routine and he can be himself without having to think about his lack of filter...

We have the big details worked out for California now working on smaller details! We are so thankful for generous friends and family. You have lightened our load so very very much!

Will post more later! It's super windy and rainy snowy weird weather here today.. And it's nap time in our house.

Pray for an organized mind as we pack, continued progress for Joel, and peace to surround our daughter.

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sherrie said...

Don't pack too much...usually washers are available somewhere...but I guess you might know that from your accomidations.