Thursday, April 4, 2013

One year..

One year ago today was one of the longest days of my life. Joel's surgery at Ucsf. A 5 hour surgery evolved into more than 11 hours. But we came out triumphant.

It's a bit bitter sweet in our house today, bitter for what we have had cancer change, the constant stream of appointments, the on-going sense of a guarded future, the lack of understanding of how remarkable his recovery is, ongoing pain and injuries getting in the way... But a sweetness also follows. The sweet stubbornness of me, that is nothing more than determined, Joel's love for life and our daughter, his raw determination to work well, and well he is still alive, running. Thankful. For every moment of pitty party that may go on, hours of thanksgiving and celebration follow suite...

One year. One year ago, I sat next to my dad in the most uncomfortable waiting room. Anxious for every call, or word on Joel. My dad and I cracked jokes, drank cheap coffee and watched TV, grasping for distractions on my longest day.

We survived. Joel came out looking worn out, and I managed to sleep a short time.


Continue to pray for healing.. Our next scan is in may.

Most recent photos from Easter!

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marlece said...

oh Jilly girl, you look so beautiful. Love these pictures, and praise be to Him for His ever so loving kindness and faithfulness. Love to you!