Saturday, March 9, 2013

Normal abnormalities

So, Joel became extremely painful with horrid abdominal pain. Vomiting, and just feeling horrid. Me? Well the hormone injections I have been getting to reduce the endometriosis gave me on of my worst migraines yet.

On narcotics I only had one option "911" Joel road off in an ambulance while my dad met him at the ER. I went over with him until my body was screaming at me, and off my mom and daughter took me to urgent care for fluids and meds, several hours later my violent vomiting stopped, and Joel was off getting his gallbladder removed.

Something that would be so scary for some, was honestly was cake. A one hour surgery vs the 11 we have faced, cake!

So normal, so routine, so easy in comparison.

Joel is up walking and on minimal pain meds.

Me? I hate hormones, and am still questioning how many months more of this I can take.

We remain thankful. God is still good, in all trials.

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