Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Chariot

So, Home is wonderful. I do love home. Oregon is home. Despite my love of Hawaii, I think Eugene will be home for many years. We enjoyed our trip a ton. It was wonderful to get away. And for maybe a few minutes forget about cancer. Enjoying the moments we were in. It was just what I needed. My head has been tired the last month. The fatigue from our journey was truly wearing on my body. I do indeed, feel much more refreshed and ready to take on more challenges ahead, I am thankful for our impulsive choice. I do not regret it one bit.

One thing I haven't talked about much is what we started this year out doing. Yes I  know I stated we were trying to get healthy. I had already lost some weight, and was ready to loose more-- stress helped this melt off. I stand at 100lbs lost. Yay! Me! But it was the year to get healthy. Physically, Financially and the rest was all supposed to fall into place. Little did we know it would start with the discovery of that large brain tumor... I guess it was the start of Joel getting healthier, that what he says too.

On a side note-- I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome as a teenager. I held many attributes that this condition has, including chronic aching, infertility, irregular/constant cycles, skin, hair and hormone problems. Its nearly impossible to loose weight, But two years ago I decided I was determined. So I did it. Asthma and migraines have haunted me for many years as well. Joel was the healthy one. He knew he needed to loose weight, but that is what he was shooting toward with the exercise bootcamp he was participating in when it all started.

About two weeks before the discovery of the brain tumor, we purchased a high end jogging stroller/bike trailer for our Princess. Ironically called Chariot. We had dreams of bike rides, long walks/runs with our daughter right along with us.

It has sat in our garage, since then, only recently being used for walks. Now its going out for runs. I think it likes it! I know we do! Princess does too! We are thankful to begin reaching the goals we were striving towards. I am feeling healthier than I have in years. Even though I may jog with my inhaler in hand,  I am jogging. The girl who once was barely fitting in to pants larger than I would like to say, now can squeeze into pants smaller than what she wore when she got married. 

Joel is getting stronger daily. He is understanding his new brain more and more, as am I. With returning to work, hopefully soon we anticipate a few hiccups but, in the whole picture those are details. He runs faster than me, and can certainly run longer. I am so proud of him and his goals. He is looking healthier all the time!

We have a scan on next Monday, as much as I feel a bit nervous, I have peace. Our God is able. Our hope comes from Him alone. Joel and I get an MRI date. 

I can not begin to say thank you. I had an overwhelming moment today of just plain old gratitude. Our friends and co-workers and family. You rock. Your generousness has made normalcy an option. I know this is far from over but I know the best days are ahead. Please continue to pray for complete healing and recovery.

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