Saturday, October 13, 2012

Whats new?

So a quick update-

What's new with us? As I have previously posted, I have been having a great deal of difficulty breathing. I was hospitalized about 3 weeks ago for this. Yesterday, I earned myself yet another admission.

Initially the doctors felt this was strictly asthma. But thanks to a caring pulmonologist, he refused to accept this answer. It didn't add up. My labs were off, my lungs were quiet, not wheezy. The picture was off.

Back track a few moments with me.

I have a condition called PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome, (PCOS) This condition goes hand in hand with another condition called Insulin Resistance. Its not diabetic, but it is treated by a medication called glucophage. This medication is also used to treat diabetes.

This medication has been a part of my treatment plan for ten years. Though it took time to get used to the side effects, it benefited me greatly, and I tolerated it well. It helped me safely carry our daughter. As this medication reduces the risk of miscarriage for women with PCOS.

There is a rare side effect of this medication, its called Lactic Acidosis. This is extremely rare.
This happens when lactic acid builds up. Lactic acid is mainly produced in muscle cells and red blood cells. This forms when the body breaks down carbohydrates to use the energy during times of lower oxygen levels.

So, back to three weeks ago. When I was admitted three weeks ago my lactic acid was dangerously high. I had this condition called lactic acidosis. This occurs when the lactic acid builds up faster than it can be removed. Lactic acid is produced when the oxygen levels in the body drop. So asthma seemed to be the likely cause.

I was placed on high dose steroids and slowly began improving. Steroids not only reduce inflammation that can go along with asthma, but can reduce lactic acid. All I knew is, I was getting better.

My steroids began to be tapered, But this created symptoms again. Muscle weakness, shortness of breath, and the start of respiratory failure. Again.

Friday morning, my doctor sent me to the emergency room, I was readmitted promptly, initially for asthma. Labs came back. My lactate was again high.

Asthma vs Glucophage discussion entered the picture. My wonderful Dr.looked at the whole picture. Took me off steroids, only after I received a TON yesterday. and felt like we needed to see what my body could do, or would do.

My lactate is starting to drop! Yay! (I also recieved tons of steroids.)

I hurt from the high dosage steroids I received and had pulled out from under me...But we have to do this. No glucophage, no steroids. Did I mention I ache? Oh dear Lord I ache.I am so puffy as well.

So pending my echo report, labs and a few other consults, we are hoping this is what has made me so sick.
Its a viable thought, and we are optimistic I should get better soon. We do have to rule out a few other things.

Until then, I will be parked in the hospital until I can prove my lactate is dropping and my heart rate is more stable. As well as my breathing and muscle weakness improved.

I am still quite sick.I am tired and I ache. Did I mention I ache?

So please keep praying.

Pray I can sleep. This is not an easy task. Pray for Joel as this is quite stressful. Pray over princess as this is all quite a lot for her.

Continue to pray over my sister as she got her port placed for her chemo, and has been quite painful.

Thanks for following our journey. We know in deep faith that the best is yet to come. As we continue to to take this journey day by day. We remain joyful.


Sherrie said...

So does this mean they will take you off of glucphage (sp)...or just for a short time to let your body adjust? Praying for you...

Journeying Through The Unknown said...

I will be off glucaphage forever.

Love you~

Anonymous said...

Praying for you my cousin. You have had A LOT to deal with oh my goodness. God bless you!

Jenay said...

Above comment was me...Jenay :)