Wednesday, October 10, 2012

quite busy

What can I say? I keep busy. Our life moves quickly. Joel working, my attempting to work despite still recovering from asthma, and princess well being 4... Keeps us on our toes.

I had a birthday! We had a fun day. We got my wedding ring sized- yay! It's so nice after not being able to wear it for the last year, due to weight loss to have it back!

A photo I had on the blog in the start was from my birthday one year ago. BC as we sometimes reference it too. It's a bit odd to look at this photo. It reminds me of days of unknown bliss. A ticking bomb was growing in my hubby's obviously swollen head. I had no idea. Though I do see signs now.

BC a term and concept that is so foreign. Cancer a word my daughter knows all to well. Her love and concerns for not only her daddy, but her Auntie Hay, run so deep, sincere and beyond her years.

My princess should not know about cancer. Yet alone worry. But I can't isolate her and pretend life is BC. I answer questions that make my own head spin on a regular basis.

BC- we were blissfully unaware of how joyous and what an event a birthday truly is. I am determined to celebrate big each year. Birthdays. Holidays. Memories. I owe this to cancer. Yes, I still hate cancer, more than ever. Watching my family continue to fight and fight as hard as ever seems so wrong. But, we are strong, our God is strong and we fight with an army of friends, family and new friends. Thank you.

Please do continue to pray over my own healing. I am still having asthma problems and my body is still requiring high dose Steriods. My face has become quite puffy, and despite steriod fueled energy I remain fatigued. Yep awake at 4am.

Princess is struggling in this season. She adores Auntie Hay, and worries beyond her years for her cousins. She knows cancer, wishes they didn't have too as well. She is processing this season too. Pray we are patient with her in it.

Joel is doing well with returning to work. It's been very stressful. He is more tired then he expected but given he was off 9 months to the day, I am not surprised. He also is experiencing a plethora of emotions watching cancer instead of living it. And when you are missing a portion of your brain, processing can be a challenge. But he is honest in this. I love him so much because of that. New Joel is quite love able too... I can't begin to say how proud of him I am. He makes improvements daily. His lack of filter post brain injury makes us communicate differently, but honestly I love this!!

He is so thankful for all the love and support, and appropriate; help, care and thoughts that have and continue to surround us. Its been so great to be surrounded by positive stories, and encouragements. Again to my parents we don't know how we would have survived and continued to survive without you. Your positive encouragement has been our backbone.

Thank you for continuing to pray and support us. Brain cancer will always be a part of our life and on our mind... will never be the same, we will never be the same. We know with God all things are possible as we embrace the days ahead.

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