Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holidays and more

We had a nice Christmas... It was nice to be together. Princess enjoyed the fun, and honestly it felt normal... As normal as life will get.

Daily we are adjusting and coping with our new normal. I am very thankful 2012 is over, as it was truly a challenge I never want to repeat. It was made easier, by the love that surrounded us, but hard none the less. Our hearts are still so thankful!

Nearly a year out from diagnosis we continue to live day by day. Future planning is not without struggles, daily routines can be hard achieve.

Some things will never be the same; some better, some harder to deal with.

Joel is doing well, continuing to work three days a week. He still gets tired, but is enjoying being back. He got his braces off and is handsome as ever!

Princess loves school and is learning so much everyday. She is busy busy busy!

Me? Feeling ok, unfortunately symptoms of endometriosis have caused increased pain, leading to hormone treatment with its own side effects. Hopefully it improves soon!

Continue to pray for healing, rest and strength. Our next scan is the first week in February.

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