Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life goes on... Aloha

We are a busy bunch these days! Joel is making much progress and at times life feels normal. Sometimes...

To the friends, family, coworkers and new friends alike thank you. You have and continue to be such support in such an unpredictable season.

Joel's brain has changed. I love him dearly, and know the portion of brain removed is impressive, I see few changes in him, other than he is much like a honey badger, ha! He really cares, but is honest, unfiltered. Life is too short! Ha! Gotta say I love this! I am very straight forward, so I think we get along better! Gluten free eating helps, he is a bit less cloudy! Emotional topics trigger headaches still, logical given the location of insult on his brain. This is better but not avoidable completely.

Thanks to a wonderful opportunity, reckless/impulsive ideas, wonderful bosses and a killer deal (thanks to my mom n dad) we leave for Kona on Friday! Yep Joel's Hawaii wish is coming true! It's my wish too, I love Hawaii!! Princess is thrilled!!

Are there better things I could do with my retirement? No I don't think so. Not today anyways! Do we still have medical bills? yep! Almost gone though! Until next month, when we build more bills. But, this for our recovery too!!

Random Fun fact: for Joel alone without insurance our bills would have been close to $500,000! In just these six months!

We are beyond excited! It sure beats packing for vacation- not surgery!


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